"We must place GOD in the highest position of Our Lives at ALL TIMES."

"Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ."

 Romans 8

​​Alanna's Hope

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PO Box 501 Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Our Founder, Alanna

Our Mission

Mission Sentence: We need Jesus Christ to guide Women through Recovery & Advocacy!

Mission Statement:To heal the hurting hearts of Women, for God to empower through His Faith, Strength and Hope to overcome the Disease of Addiction through the power of Jesus Christ. "We are not afraid to stand on Biblical Truths." is our mantra.

Mission Paragraph:  A Fellowship & Advocacy for Women of Faith in Recovery, to realize that it is only through their relationship with Jesus Christ that they will have the strength and hope to lead their family, and prevent generational usage. Through education, prevention and advocacy we hope to increase protective factors for women and their children, resulting in healthy, happy family’s with Christ at the center.We hope to build a Faith based community for ‘Women only’ to openly share and gain strength to grow spiritually. A strong bond of Women will increase neurological growth and help women heal in recovery. Empowerment - through the Bible and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to lead and to teach women that it is through daily Pray, and Scripture reading that they will have a Christ Centered Family: "Without God in your life to strengthen you, you cannot be successful."  We believe you need God and the Bible to guide you. Recovery cannot be done alone!

Fellowship – Alanna's Hope is visioned as a "community for ‘women only’ to openly express themselves and gain strength from each other and Faith in Jesus Christ."

Advocacy – gain strength by helping others which helps with Mental Health & Recovery.

Prevention – women with children will learn protective factors to build their children’s Faith, and help prevent generational cycle of addiction.

Mental Health – recognize that Dual Diagnosis is a major reason for self-medication.

Nutrition – is a major component to build healthy minds for women in recovery. Meals can be a way to express love and serve as a way for families to gather, pray and communicate.

Education – use facts and data from various organizations, NAMI, NIDA, SAMHSA and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to empower women to understand and make better choices for themselves and their children.

Faith – as women, to realize that she is a major influence on her family’s faith and needs to follow the Lord on a day-to-day basis. 


Referrals – local food banks, housing needs, healthcare, compassion and help each other with basic needs.

New Creations with Christ – realize that we our nothing without God to make us whole again.  Only a Christ centered recovery to heal broken women and their families.

Mission Result: Empower Women in Recovery to have a Christ Centered Relationship which will build a Strong, Faith based community of Hope. Broken lives can be healed with Christ. We need to put Jesus Christ, Prayer and the Bible in Women’s Recovery.  Our Mantra: Faith, Strength & Hope to heal our broken lives.