"We must place GOD in the highest position of Our Lives at ALL TIMES."

"Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ."

 Romans 8

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​​​​Hello Ladies!  I cannot express enough how important healthy eating is to keep your emotions and physical self in balance! I like to keep things simple, especially because the internal body is such a complex system, I like to keep things simple & direct on the outside.  Let God work the internal! So what I have pretty much stuck to in my life and possibly may work for you too,  I like to call my 'only two' basic mantras:

1)  Listen to your body, and

2). Eat the thing itself!

And like a simple 'childhood' jump-rope song, 'listen to your body' and 'eat the thing itself', brings us back to the very basics of what food is for: as a fuel source for your body !

First, 'listening to your body" is being in tune to the cravings your body is placing in your mind.  Cravings is actually your body signaling for specific vitamins & minerals which is needed at that moment to keep going! When you get thirsty for perhaps water, or a soda water is needed to replenish cells and soda aid digestion and the sugar is a quick boost  for energy!

 If your body craves fish or steak  or salad, chances are at that moment those particular nutriments are needed! Fish is great protein, and steak is rich in iron. Salads aid digestion and keep you regular. When the  light comes on in your car, you know that something is out of balance & needs to be immediately attended to or it will stop!  The same is true for your body, think of the 'cravings' in your mind as a signal to eat that particular food!  A craving, like that car light, signals the need to replenish to keep going.  So I always say, Ladies, listen to you body's signals! 

Now, the second half of the mantra, 'eat the thing itself' is a reminder that food in its 'naked, natural state', is simple--a carrot, potato, apple, watermelon, or strawberry is created to be served as 'pretty & tasteful' fuel to keep us going!  However,we like to add a little something to make the plain more exciting! So we  add brown sugar & butter on our carrots, and what potato likes to stand alone when it's buddies: butter, sour cream & chives are standing by!; And what simple apple would be complete unless baked in a pie shell & topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream? Yum!  The problem with all this complexity, is that is adds to the simple is our health and  the quality of life we will have. What started simple in a Garden, gets lost in the complexity of packaging. If you cannot visualize the tree, vine, bush or animal the food came from  chances are the 'food' got lost in the 'translation of packaging in some factory!"  Have you ever seen a 'Ritz Cracker Vine? or a Twinkie Tree? I didn't think so. 

To the left, I have researched & put together recipes that are directly related to mental health calling on 'eating the thing itself' after you have 'listened to your body." If you have any question, please email me !

 Love, Alanna's Hope!

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