"We must place GOD in the highest position of Our Lives at ALL TIMES."

"Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ."

 Romans 8

​​Alanna's Hope

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Beautiful Alanna & Megan! Two peas in a pod!! 

​​Alanna's beautiful spirit was to help others in recovery!  This most remarkable Woman, like all of us had a Dream. Her's was to start a Bible Study at her sober living home to place Christ at the center of all the Women she so loved.  A fellowship of empowered Women in Recovery, standing on Christ as their foundational rock & advocating to other Women!

Alanna's personal mission was to bring the "Holy Spirit" to the front of the 12 Steps as originally intended by the Oxford Group. She was setting up meetings in the Fullerton, Ca area and it is  Alanna's Hope.org's purpose to follow our Founder's Spirit.  Dr. Frank N.D. Buchman a Lutheran pastor, is most often cited as leader of The Oxford Movement.  He would be asked ,"Who is your Leader?" His reply was, "The Holy Spirit."  It relied on "God's Control" through the will of men and women. 

The Twelve Steps & Their Original Relationship to Scripture

In essence, the Twelve Steps embody the Bible's core teachings concerning God's Redemptive Nature (Romans 8:1). Beginning with an admission of your shortcomings and a profession of Faith in God of the Bible.  The Twelve Steps go on to encourage continual confession of wrongdoing, submission toward others--the principles of sanctification.  They encourage habits of devotion, responsibility and a message of recovery with others - the basics of Biblical Christian Living. 

Alanna's Psalm 23 Workshop is a reminder that Jesus Christ is Our Sponsor!


The God of Changed Hearts

Alanna's Vision: Every Women in Recovery having a relationship with Jesus Christ and reading the Recovery Bible & Praying!