"We must place GOD in the highest position of Our Lives at ALL TIMES."

"Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ."

 Romans 8

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Beautiful Alanna !

 Alanna Marie Reade: Her Life Story, page 2

Alanna’s heart included her ‘special’ love for her Grandparents!  Her Grandmother Betty Reade was her music mentor, and would sit with her teaching her beautiful melodies on the family piano; and it was her Grandmother’s early installation of music that  led her to later teach herself to play guitar.  Also, it was her Grandmother Betty, who first took her to Vacation Bible School, and  watched in ‘amazement’ as she got up and quoted ‘John 3:16’ to the delight of the Pastor. As a baby, she traveled with her Grandparents and Mother to celebrate her great, great Grandmother Mulvey's Centennial Birthday, and at this time, was baptized by her great Grandfather, Otto Wendling, a pastor for Grace Lutheran Church, in Longview, Washington.

But foremost, Alanna  loved her Grandfather Kenneth Reade, who on one memorable trip took her to Disneyland (on her birthday) and wore a ‘Goofy’ hat while sharing a  “Mickey Mouse pancake” for breakfast with his ‘favorite Granddaughter!’ She had an extensive and eclectic taste in music, always smiling with the tails of earbuds dangling from her pink ears as she bounced through her day. She enjoyed the years her and her Mother had a subscription series to the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and together they delighted in the plays of Goethe's Faust, Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams, “The Glass Menagerie.” Tom Waits and Jack Kerouac influenced her ‘ethereal' view of life seen in her photographs and mixed media art works.  She loved road trips, and would sit on the passenger side of her Mom's car, with her camera poised to snap pictures, expressing her unique view of telephone poles, farm equipment, and large earth moving machines.

Alanna loved clothes! Her ‘fun spirit’ played out in her many colorful and ‘funky’ styles.  Her delight was spending an afternoon attending yard sales, used clothing stores, Starbucks coffee & Vaping. Her first job was working for a clothing store on Historic Main Street in Huntington Beach.

However, she had her struggles, at the age of 19 she started self-medicating, and later was diagnosed with the disease Dual Diagnosis, which is Bi-Polar Disorder and Substance Abuse.  She attended various out-patient programs, however, Teen Challenge, a Christian Organization had the greatest impact on her life.  Her Mother’s later Faith and strength was attributed to her daughter’s own ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus Christ.  It was Alanna who taught her family that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus. She would say, “you can call out to Jesus anytime and pray at that moment’ and she would pray with her family and friends, strengthening their faith and hers.  She had a heart for advocacy and was very active in her local Recovery Community.  She was working as an Assistant Manager for a Women’s Home in Fullerton, and volunteering at clubs in Fullerton.

Anyone who met Alanna, knew her dedication to Jesus Christ and her loving and special relationship with her Mother, Rose Marie Reade.  They shared a very loving, caring relationship, but also a unique and strong bond. Together, they camped in Yosemite, hiking the Mist Trail many times, and floating down the Merced River on an early August hot summer day.  Other adventures included Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Park.

Lastly, she was a dedicated Woman of Faith, who attended Poiema Christian Fellowship in Costa Mesa, CA. She stood for Faith and Hope with Strength through her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  She was a dedicated advocate for Women in Recovery, and was creating (with her mom) a fellowship of women to have Faith, Hope, and Strength through Jesus Christ, and her "Mother is following that Dream!"  Amen.

Alanna's Life Story, continued